[reklame] & Other Stories Hair Care, Inspired by Los Angeles


& Other Stories introducerer et helt nyt koncept til deres skønhedssortiment: LA hair care, som byder på en bred vifte af high performance produkter, der spænder fra shampoo, conditioner og scalp scrub, til styling produkter såsom thickening cream, blowout lotion og beach spray. Den nye hair care-serie tilbyder produkter til alle hårtyper, ønsker og behov.

Den nye hair care-serie er udviklet af & Other Stories in-house team sammen med den LA-baserede berømthed og hårstylist Kylee Heath, som er kendt for hendes ekspertise på den røde løber og hendes unikke LA stil. Jeg glæder mig til at prøve produkterne – og så gør det jo bestemt ikke noget, at de også er flotte!



What’s your favourite product from the Restore range?

– One of my favourites from the Restore range is the Restore Scalp Scrub. It’s such an essential product for maintaining a healthy hair care routine, especially if you use a lot of styling products. Weekly scalp exfoliation gets rid of dead skin cells, stimulates blood circulation and removes product-build up at the roots. Immediately after, the scalp feels soothed, and its balance is restored.

How do you use it?

– I start on dripping wet hair, then I scoop out a tablespoon-sized amount of the scrub and spread it over the palms of my hands. I massage it into the scalp, focusing on the frontal areas. Then I take another tablespoon-sized scoop and work it into the back area of the scalp. I continue by massaging the product throughout the lengths, towards the ends. I finalise the treatment by rinsing thoroughly with warm water and follow up with the Restore Intensive Mask or any of the L.A. Hair conditioners.

Any other favourites from the Restore Range?

– I really like the Restore Leave-In Mask. It helps the ends to stay healthy-looking in-between trims. Just apply a small amount to the ends after your shower. You can also use it as an overnight mask in dry hair. Apply it throughout, braid the hair and then wash your hair in the morning. It also works wonders on naturally curly hair. It tames frizz and gives gorgeous definition.

What’s your fool-proof tip for creating perfectly defined curls?

– It’s all about enhancing the hair’s natural curl pattern while adding hydration. I start on damp hair, applying the Restore Leave-In Mask throughout the lengths. Then I blow dry the hair with a diffuser while gently crunching it in my hands for texture. I finish the look by applying a few drops of the Restore Hair Serum on the ends to add healthy-looking shine.